character sketch…what does the character collect…

First, a question…which book had the character who collected paper clips that had held together famous documents…wrote to celebrities, scientists, nasa, curators of the beatles’ papers…  Was it The Fault in our Stars?

It was the beginning of eighth grade, and Jenny felt grown up.  Like something happened over the summer that put her across a creek and through the woods, standing in a wild flower meadow, but with some dark clouds in the left-hand sky.  Beautiful but dangerous on the edges. On thursday of the third week of school, she stopped at the Salvation Army thrift store on her walk home from a pretty decent day at school.  She had an idea about finding a man’s shirt and tie that fit just right.  Her friend Shauna, who was, at the moment, at cheerleading practice, being tossed high in the air by her teammates, would roll her eyes a bit–but laugh too– while hugging Jenny in this “mannish” outfit Jenny was hoping to find among the racks of thrift-treasure.  She’d wash the shirt tonight–ideally it will be crisp, satiny blue cotton.  She might take in the sides a little, using her mom’s sewing machine. None of the other girls in her class would be wearing anything like it to school on Friday. She said a little prayer to the thrift-shop gods for a bow tie, or maybe a wide, short, really vintage-y looking grandpa tie.  She felt just right, lately.  Her new back-to-school glasses were tortoise-shell and smart looking.  Her long, straight, golden hair had a new, purple stripe on one side. She shifted her shoulder bag, sunlight shimmering on her stack of bangle bracelets.  She almost skipped up the steps, pushing open the heavy shop door.


2 thoughts on “character sketch…what does the character collect…

    1. Descriptive of both, I hoped/ intended 🙂 Just getting to know this character, Jenny…but I don’t think she would be drawn to real danger or darkness. But…she is on the verge of learning/encountering the unavoidable dangers of growing up…of life. The unknown things she will need to negotiate bravely. Thanks for commenting!

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